Why Post in Google My Business

Why post in Google My Business

Why Post in Google My Business

14 September 2020

Why Post in Google My Business

Want an engaging post that potential customers want to click on to read more about your products or services? Use an original photo and a well-written sales copy to help them move closer to picking up the phone and calling your business.

Google has spent millions of dollars on GMB (Google My Business) and will continue to do so to improve its features even further. GMB can not be ignored any longer as its getting 75% of the market share.

 Google continues to dominate search engine use, starting with 2020 with an average net market share of 70.38% on desktop, according to NetMarket Share, and Its a slightly different story on mobile with 93.87% of the market share. This stats is likely due to Google’s focus on the importance of mobile UX factors for SEO. With these stats, it makes perfect sense to take GMB seriously.

Let us get back to the subject of GMB posts. I hate to bore you, but give you useful information on getting the most out of them.

You want to focus on providing value to consumers who lands on your GMB profile. I always recommend business owners to keep posting. It is a great way to been seen, heard, and be on top of mind. Google loves Google My Business Profiles being active with their postings, and in return, Google likes to show them off more often in higher positions.

When it comes to posting, you are not just limited to photos. You can add videos up to 30 seconds in length. Whip out your cellphone and record away. Videos can grab attention much more than pictures due to people loving videos and sounds. It puts the product or services right in a vivid way.

So why not dust off that virtual dust of your GMB profile and spice it up with more engaging posts and videos! This will be a great way to stick out from your competitors. And if you keep at it, Google will reward you with more rankings, and we all know that means more leads, business, and calls!

Oh, before I let you go. When it comes to videos, please record horizontally. This way, it looks better on cellphones and desktops.

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