How to Stop Fake GMB Reviews

15 September 2020

Stop Fake Reviews

We all know Google encourages all businesses to collect reviews. To make this easier, Google went ahead and even created a link for you to share with your clients and users. You can find this review link inside your GMB dashboard.

Reviews are a ranking factor and a good indication of trust. Online Reviews are what people see and can significantly attract new business if you have enough of them with positive status.

However, you get some businesses, and shady SEO firms go as far as trying to collect fake reviews as much as possible. It’s not worth it. Google is good at identifying these types of fake reviews. Google frowns upon these tactics, so stay clear of this practice.

Attracting new business will require you to focus on providing valuable service or products. If consumers liked the service, they leave positive reviews with no problem. So, there’s no need to try and game the system. All you need is patience, and those reviews will pile up over time. Avoid the temptation because it’s not worth it.

So how can you get more reviews? I recommend trying to get them while you at the client’s home if you are a home service provider. If you are a brick and mortar company, I would ask them right there while they still can.

Here’s something that most local businesses don’t know. Google actually will provide at NO-COST marketing materials for your local business > Learn more by visiting this link.

Getting bad reviews will give you an insight into how your business is doing in the general public. If you are getting too many bad reviews, this is a serious matter that needs to be addressed and correct the problem. Consumers do read reviews and decide to use a service or product.

Look, play nice. Google wants every business to succeed as long as they follow guidelines that make finding trustworthy information based on what the searcher’s typed into Google’s search bar.

If you want a sure way to collect reviews faster and easier, reach out to me via email. Don’t forget to mention “Reviews.”

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