Welcome to Ranking GMB

My humble journey

I had a struggling brick and mortar business back in 1998. I had no choice but to learn everything I could on SEO to save my business.

During those six months, I read anything related to SEO. As I applied what I was learning, my business started to flourish with more leads, calls, and frequent bank visits.

I fell in love with SEO and the technical part of it. I went ahead and applied what I’ve learned to friends and family businesses, and to my surprise, it worked for them too!

Mastering Local SEO 

With my new skills, I was able to turn my struggling business to making 1/4 of a million dollars in 9 months! I found my new passion, Google, and SEO! I sold my business and started my Local SEO consulting agency.

Businesses fail for one critical reason. They are not using proper local SEO. When you sit behind a desk and start to write down phrases that people would use to find your services and implement them on your website, things will begin to change for the better.

I’m not talking about stuffing keywords and adding fluff content and hoping for the best. There’s strategic planning involved to pull this off.

Look ma, I’m at Google!

My dream became a reality – I always wanted to be part of Google, and that reality became true. I was part of the Google GMB support group (Costa Rica). 

There I was able to help the general public with questions about suspensions and advising how to get set up their GMB correctly in our community forum.

Although my time there was short. I loved it, but I needed to run my agency and help people without restrictions.